Eustasis Psychiatric & Addiction Health is Southwest Missouri’s Immediate Access Site!

Meaning, no appointment is necessary, simply walk in and be seen by a board certified psychiatric provider/prescriber the same day! We provide comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and medication management treating patients of all ages, diagnoses, and have the ability to manage even the most complex conditions with the most advanced treatment modalities. We also have a team of highly competent psychological providers who perform psychotherapy, family and group counseling and developmental testing. Our team at Eustasis believes that no patient should have to wait for their mental health needs. We are committed to helping you today!


Do I need an appointment or referral?

No! There is no appointment necessary! Simply walk in and be seen. However, if you prefer to make an appointment we are happy to get you scheduled immediately just call 417-322-6622.

Do you take my insurance?

We take all insurances! For a comprehensive list click HERE. We work hard to ensure that everyone can be seen. We are able to directly bill your insurance and get your claims paid instead of asking our patients to take this on directly!

Do you offer telemed appointments?

Yes, for the appropriate situations. Not all patients can be seen telemed. Some medications require careful monitoring of vital signs, labs, and require more in-depth medical examination and we are going to prioritize your safety above all else. After we meet, we can determine if your care would be safe for telemed and work this out together!

What ages and what conditions do you treat?

Our team is trained to see patients 4 years old and up! We have extensive experience in treating pediatrics, adults and geriatric populations. We treat all conditions that are found in the DSM-V. Meaning not just Bipolar, PTSD, Depression, Schizophrenia, OCD, ADHD etc. but also conditions like Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Alzheimer’s, Conversion Disorder, and more.

Do I need a psychiatrist or a psychologist?

The best treatment by evidence based guidelines is not psychotherapy alone or medication alone but the two combined! However, all cases are different!  We can help you decide upon a psychiatric evaluation.  A psychiatric provider diagnoses, assesses, and prescribes. They rule out all medical complications and look at additional factors that may be causing your mental health such as vitamin levels, fatigue, thyroid conditions, etc and are trained in both medicine and mental health.  Psychological providers can also diagnose and provide treatment through treatment modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, looking at family systems, and providing therapeutic interventions.  Most of the time both modalities are necessary for the patient to become successful!

I want to see the same provider on each visit, is that possible?

Our psychiatric team has a shared model of care that allows us to get all patients in within a timely manner. However we understand that some patients have a hard time finding rapport with their provider. If you like a certain provider you can request that you see them exclusively and we will to facilitate this request! Your psychological provider or therapist will remain the same throughout your treatment!